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Journey of a Thousand Smiles

Journey Of A Thousand Smiles is a groundbreaking television series that highlights the link between Oral and Systemic health hosted by Dr. Eugene Antenucci. Offering expert interviews, life-changing stories from real patients, cutting edge science and a weekly feature on how technology is transforming the healthcare system, the show is designed to empower the public with the latest and most accurate information about how to live a healthier life.

Journey will inspire a paradigm shift in the way we view our health, providing the audience with a much greater sense of control over their well being. By embracing proper oral care, good nutrition, the latest science & technologies, Dr. Antenucci empowers the viewer to create the essential building blocks for drastically improving their overall wellbeing whilst elevating the role of Dentists in the healthcare community.

ALL NEW SHOW!  Available October 2019

Weekly ½ hour Program

Available as a Barter Syndication with 6 minutes of commercial time allocated to stations.