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Bobby Laurie, Jet Set Host & Travel Expert, Prepares for 6th Year Talking Travel on TV

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The last year has seen the travel industry change, adapt and evolve with more on the horizon, but five years after its premiere and a year into a pandemic, the national travel and lifestyle talk show “The Jet Set” is preparing to enter it’s sixth year on television with travel expert Bobby Laurie helming “the wing desk” as the sole remaining original cast member.

Since the start of season five, a mere month after the pandemic began, the show has been co-hosted by former flight attendant and travel expert Bobby Laurie and health/wellness expert and nutritionist Nikki Noya and season six will see the two hosts return. This will be Laurie’s sixth year hosting the show and Noya’s fifth.

“Not unlike the travel industry The Jet Set has changed quite a bit as well,” Laurie said. When the program premiered March 5, 2016 it did so with three co-hosts, now Bobby Laurie remains as the only original cast member; a straight-on four minute news read industry update, has now been changed to headlines and a discussion; the show’s fitness segment was presented by Noya, whom now serves as co-host, and like other programs some recurring segments have been shown the door.  “We’ve had to make updates along the way to evolve with the travel industry but also how people watch TV,” Laurie added. “I’m excited to get our sixth year underway! We’re dropping all of the baggage from the last year, and there was a lot, refreshing the set, our format, and we’ve got some surprises in store. I’m very lucky to host this show and produce it alongside the best team and friends anyone could ask for.”

But as they say: change is a good thing. With each passing year and the changes put in place, the show gains in popularity. For its sixth season, The Jet Set  has secured nationwide clearances from cable networks ZLiving and COX’s YurView channels which places the program in all cable and satellite homes. Additionally, The Jet Set has obtained broadcast clearances on select NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and CW stations throughout the country and all AMG TV,  Living Modern, FunRoads, and RightNowTV affiliates. Additionally, the show has launched a 24/7 travel network with travel tips, influencers and destination information. Dubbed “JSN: The Jet Set Network,” travel enthusiasts can find the network on GlewedTV, Roku, and Amazon.

After a year of uncertainty in the travel industry Bobby Laurie says “[The Jet Set] has always been a go-to source for industry and lifestyle news and trends. We keep everyone in the loop on new attractions, destination highlights and flights; but also technology, recipes, parenting tips, lifestyle hacks and the like. That’s what sets us apart, we’ve got a focus on travel but we’ve got a little bit of everything. We also are monitoring restrictions and changes in policy as we navigate through the pandemic and what the industry looks like on the other side.”

Of the changes he expects to see, “vaccine passports will most likely be required for any type of international travel and I expect vaccinations to be required for cruising. I just don’t see another way to project confidence that you won’t get sick on your next vacation if those two things don’t happen.”

One thing not changing, you can find Bobby Laurie behind the wing desk each week with travel news on “The Jet Set.”

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