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Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) & Branded Segments

We believe in true integrations. Utilizing custom-created storylines and segways within our  shows, we are able to showcase lifestyle products, services and destinations of interest to our nationwide audience. to everyday challenges through seamless and purposeful brand integrations.

We do not sell all 22 minutes of our program time. If we did, what you be integrating into? An infomercial? Our programs have a percentage of time set aside for sponsored segments including branded segments and satellite media tours. However, time is limited as branded segments/SMTs are placed around our regular weekly features and updates.

What is a Satellite Media Tour (SMT)?

We regard SMTs/Satellite Media Tours as segments you are facilitating and placing on a given television show. This includes interviews sponsored by a brand or company.

For our SMT pricing we accept: plug-and-play or tape-and-ship segments in which we receive a self-contained 1, 2 or 3 minutes of content or our hosts and producers can conduct an interview with a guest via Zoom, Skype or via phone then accept delivery of the filmed segment.

What is a Branded Segment?

If you’re seeking to create a segment focused around a given brand, product, service or guest for promotion on one of our shows but are not producing the segment/content yourself or wouldn’t be able to supply one to us, we refer to these as branded segments. 

Our team is happy to work with you to create an effective script that communicates your brand messaging and demonstrates your product or service to our viewers. Please contact us: [email protected]

Sample Segments


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